Wednesday, May 7, 2008

CERT at two Herndon Area Events

Herndon/Reston area team members of Fairfax County CERT supported two community outreach events on Saturday, May 03, 2008. In this picture from left to right are three of our volunteer instructors that many of you may recognize, Jack, Susy, and Lani.

We supported the Herndon Resource Center Community Day. It was a successful day, we helped to educate many of the folks about the CERT program and emergency preparedness in general. It was a windy day, and of course, the CERT folks were the only ones prepared for it. Many thanks to Susy and Lani for their help yesterday.

Earlier in the day, Jim and Donna, two more of your volunteer instructors, supported a preparedness event at the Four Seasons Homeowners Association. That too was a successful event and many thanks to Jim and Donna for their time and efforts.

We encourage all of our CERTs to come out and assist in these community events. At the end of the day, you feel like that you have made a positive difference in your community.



  1. "At the end of the day, you feel like that you have made a positive difference in your community."

    AMEN !
    Jack, Susy, Lani, Donna and Jim,
    Thanks to all of you for covering this event, Jack, your statement above is very true.
    Folks, we generate a lot of interest in the community when we do these community outreach events.
    We show the community that emergency preparedness is something to do year around; not just for "tornado season or hurricane season". Folks, preparedness is EVERY DAY; these events that the CERTS participate in reinforce that fact to our neighbors.
    We also get new members from these events. We need more CERT members for Fairfax County; doing community outreach events is one sure way of capturing the interest of the public in our program.
    We have a huge number of community outreach events coming up very shortly; events that we will DEFINITELY need help with. If you can; come out to a community outreach event and help! We talk about CERT, what we do to help our neighbors in times of disaster. We show our gear, and what we do with it. It's not difficult to do; and it means a lot to the community. As Jack said, at the end of the day you get the feeling you did help your community-for the better!

    CERT is popular in outreach, too!
    For example-in 2007, we participated
    in 24 seperate commmunity outreach events during the last 8 months of the year.
    In 2008, we have 8 events scheduled just within the next two months!.............
    If you would like to help in one of these events, just send me what event you might like to participate in, your name and CERT class number and an email address.
    Community outreach is a huge benefit to CERT and a huge benefit to your neighbors!
    your volunteer PIO

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  3. Way to go folks! People are definitely noticing the outreach in the community.

    By the way, I like the addition of the green tent! It really adds to the display.

    Terry, only 8 events? :-) Thanks to your efforts and those that come out, the requests seem to be pouring in.

    Some sample questions include:

    Can you cover this association event, can you cover this festival, can you cover this business meeting, can you do this event in a supervisors district, can you provide me with more information on volunteering, when is the next CERT training class, etc.

    And just wait until September, National Preparedness Month.

  4. National preparedness month........I can't wait :( Time for a new pair of sneakers...............
    Folks, National Preparedness Month is each September. Preparedness is on everyone's mind for this month. By the way, the theme for this year is, "Get a kit, make a plan, be informed and GET INVOLVED". The getting involved part of this slogan is geared directly towards the average citizen getting involved in volunteer organizations (like CERT!!!!!) Recruiting for Citizen Corps volunteer programs (CERT, VIPS, Neighborhood Watch,Fire Corps, Medical Reserve Corps) will receive special emphasis this month.
    During September we will have many different events to attend, so rest assured I'll be asking for volunteers to help with these important community outreach events. Oh, and be sure to wear a comfortable pair of running shoes too.
    your volunteer PIO


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