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Hi folks!
There are a large number of CERT community outreach events coming up; here is the list I have so far of events and dates. As you can see, CERT is in demand this year!

For our newest CERT members in classes 31 and 32; here is some information on what these events are like. We put up a CERT tabletop display, which helps explain the CERT program to the event participants. As you know any good display always provokes questions (and folks, our displays are good!). CERT's are there to help answer the public's questions on preparedness, on how the CERT program works, etc. We usually display our CERT gear to give the folks an idea as to the tools and methods we use. We also have different handouts explaining personal and family disaster preparedness for the attendees.

Would you like to come out and "talk CERT" at one of these events? Please contact me at with the event you'd like to help with, your name and email address. Have you helped in previous community outreach events? Post your comments to the blog! Let others know how fun and rewarding these events can be!

Here's the list-

Saturday,APRIL 26th,2008- 8am to 1pm-Emergency Preparedness Fair This event is to be held at The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at 4911 Ox Road in Fairfax. We're setting up the CERT display here and giving out emergency preparedness information to the participants.

Monday, APRIL 28-30th,2008- Virginia Task force One Field Exercise
Virginia Task Force 1 is scheduled to have its Spring Field Exercise on April 28-30, 2008. This event simulates a full blown international deployment and they are looking for volunteers to assist the team as victims for search operations. This is an exciting! opportunity to see how an Urban Search and Rescue team deploys its resources in the field. They are looking for folks who are able to offer a 4 hour block of time. (Folks, it's a well spent 4 hour block of time too!) If you are interested, please contact CERT trainer Steve Willey for more details. Please note this WILL count as a CERT refresher for the participants..........

Saturday, MAY 24,25 and 26th, 2008-Viva Vienna event.
This is a fair/festival type event; we'll have the CERT booth set up there. As I get more details on this event I'll be sure to pass them on.

Thursday, MAY 29 THROUGH JUNE 1,2008- The Herndon Town Festival.
There are two things going on at this event
1. We will have a CERT booth there on Saturday and Sunday. We will need people to help run the booth.
The Fair Oaks Fire and Rescue Company provides emergency medical services at this event and is looking for to CERT members to assist in this endeavor. The event runs Thursday May 29 through Sunday June 1st and we are looking for CERT members to supplement the FD by assisting with crowd control & scene security for EMS teams operating at the event. Thursday and Friday the festival operates in the evenings and Saturday and Sunday it runs all day. If you are interested, please contact CERT trainer Steve Willey for more details. Please note this will NOT count as a CERT refresher.

Saturday, May 31, 2008 8am to 1pm-Emergency preparedness fair,Alexandria,VA
This event will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints meeting hall in the Kingstowne area. The tentative times are from 8am to 2pm. As I get the specific address where this is to be held, I will certainly pass it on. We will have our CERT booth there, and will be "talking CERT" and passing out emergency preparedness info to the attendees here.
The interesting part of this event is that CERT teams from Alexandria city CERT and Arlington county CERT will also be there with booths and information. This will be a golden oppurtunity to meet with and "talk CERT" with teams from other local counties!

Friday, June 6 through Sunday June 8th,2008-CELEBRATE FAIRFAX
Celebrate Fairfax is the "high profile event" of the summer; this large fair is held on the grounds of the Fairfax County government center. We will have a booth at this event on Saturday and Sunday; and we'll need plenty of help staffing the booth.
( Last year we had 12 CERT's in shifts helping run the booth.)If I remember correctly, almost 600,000 people attended Celebrate Fairfax last year.
In addition, the fire department provides emergency services for this event and is looking for CERT to integrate into this effort. CERT trainer Steve Willey is the lead contact for this plan. The current operations plan does not include CERT in an operational capacity, and this is an excellent opportunity to get your foot in the door to assist in such a well publicized event. If you are interested in developing a plan to assist, please contact Steve Willey: for more details.
PLEASE NOTE- Sunday June 8th is the day for the CERT 31/32/33 final exercise.

Thursday, July 12 and 13th,2008-Town of Reston Festival
We'll have a CERT booth at this event on Saturday and Sunday. More details to follow.

If any of you are interested in participating in any of these community outreach events, please feel free to contact me at

your volunteer PIO

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  1. As some people may know, a few of these events are at the request of members of the Board of Supervisors.

    This will give you the opportunity to learn about other Citizen Corps programs and meet with members of their districts.

    Thank you Terry for pulling this together for CERT.


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