Thursday, April 10, 2008

A contribution to the blog from one of our new CERT students!

Hi folks!
I apologise for not "blogging" as much as usual, but work has consumed a great deal of my time lately. I wanted to pass on this link; this was contributed by Micah, one of the students in the current CERT 31 Wednesday night class. Thanks for the contribution, Micah!
I'm a member of CERT 31 and noticed a good article in the Washington Post that would probably benefit being on the blog. The article published this past Saturday, was called, "Stocked Up and Safe at Home" Here is the web link: -micah

Folks, if you run across a CERT relevant article or website and want to share it with other CERTs; please, feel free to post it to the blog. If your'e unsure on how to post to the blog; drop me an email at and I'll be more than happy to talk you through it. Our CERT blog is a wonderful tool for getting info out to everyone!
your volunteer PIO


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  2. Another interesting post from the NY Times, "Duck and Cover: It’s the New Survivalism":

    (Had to delete the first post, didn't create a link and the whole thing didn't display!)


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