Sunday, April 27, 2008

CERT at the LDS emergency preparedness fair

Hi folks!
Yesterday we conducted a great community outreach event at the LDS church on Ox Road in Fairfax. Our CERTs Jack L. and Kevin Mullins came out to help present the message of personal and family emergency preparedness to the event participants.
We talked to a LOT of people about CERT and preparedness; and the congregation as a whole is very preparedness minded. We had our CERT display there; the church had numerous displays on all aspects of preparedness, like storing food and purifying water. There were some impressive displays here; and a lot of people signed up for more info on our CERT program.
MANY THANKS to Jack and Kevin for their help yesterday. You both ROCK! These events help educate our neighbors on preparing for emergencies,They are a wonderful way to show CERT to the community as well.
your volunteer PIO

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