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I got this in my email this morning. This is from the Skills that Serve institute, a new non profit organization dedicated to teaching emergency preparedness and disaster response skills.This class is open to all CERT members,any relevant costs are discussed below. It looks to be an interesting class; offering a chance to learn skills you might not get to learn every day.They also have openings available for an April 26th class to be held in Winchester; this class focuses on health, medical and hygeine for disasters.
The registration form for the May class is attached below; should you have any questions please contact the registrar for the classes,Pete Rockx (Registrar) at directly.

your volunteer PIO

Training Announcement and Class Registration

Classes in Basic Equipment Operation

May 24, 2008

Chambersburg, PA

Skills That Serve is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching skills, particularly emergency preparedness and disaster response skills, which enable you to serve your community. These vocational, safety, and life skills classes will be of particular benefit to disaster response organizations, organizations sponsoring mission trips, people preparing for mission trips or who serve in disaster response or recovery efforts, and those simply wanting to be better prepared for deal with emergencies.
In 2008,
Skills That Serve will offer a series of six one-day tuition free training programs each centered on a particular theme of disaster preparedness, emergency response, and/or community service.
This announcement for the May 24, 2008, training program pertains to classes on Basic Tractor Operation.
Location: All classes will take place at Forrester Farm Equipment facility located at 1475 Orchard Road, Chambersburg, PA 17202. Forresters’ is off Exit 20 of Interstate 81 just north of Chambersburg, PA.

Transportation: We are considering offering a chartered bus service from the Washington DC area. Please indicate on the registration form if you may be interested in riding the bus. The cost will be determined by the number of riders.
Dress: Forresters’ is a farm equipment sales and service facility. Training will be conducted primarily outdoors on their property. Students should dress appropriately. Long pants and shoes or boots are required. No loose fitting clothing or jewelry should be worn.

Amenities: Regular amenities are available on site. For lunch, we will transport students to a local restaurant to order off the menu. Approximate cost with tip will be $15.00 per person.

The Program: This is an exciting opportunity for students to acquire hands-on experience operating agricultural farm tractors. Other pieces of equipment may be added to the program if time allows. Students will operate tractors and tractors’ front end loaders under supervision. Throughout the program, safety is emphasized and students will acquire understanding of the safety considerations related to operating tractors, particularly in a disaster recovery environment.
Why Tractors? Tractors have the ability to do tremendous work and can be useful in disasters for clearing roads, removing debris, creating fire breaks, and a myriad of other tasks. Some of the skills learned with tractors are applicable to other pieces of equipment and this class will prepare students for other
Skills That Serve equipment classes.
Registration: To enroll, please complete the attached registration form and return it to
Skills That Serve, P.O. Box 6284, Arlington, VA 22206, or send it electronically to Pete Rockx (Registrar) at, by May 9, 2008. Questions pertaining to the training should also be Pete at the same email address.

Class Registration Form
Classes in Basic Equipment Operation
May 24, 2008

Chambersburg, PA



Best phone number to reach you:

Email address:

Classes: This event is intended to be a full day training opportunity, starting at 9:30am and ending at 4:15pm. Some classes will be conducted for all the students at the same time. Hands-on operation of equipment will be conducted in small groups.

Transportation: Skills that Serve is considering providing bus transportation, from the DC area, to the training site. Please indicate if you would be interested in this service. (Circle one) Yes No

Lodging: If you plan to arrive the night before and/or stay the night after the training, there are hotels in the immediate Chambersburg area. A listing of hotels is available at Since training will occur on a holiday weekend, please make your reservations early.

Food: Refreshments will be provided for the morning break. Students will be transported to a local restaurant (e.g. Cracker Barrel) by bus for lunch. Donations will be accepted for the morning break, and lunch will be paid on an individual basis.

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