Thursday, April 10, 2008

Alexandria CERT Exercise

Hey all!! Please give Alexandria a hand if you can -- they need victims.

Announcing the Second Annual City of Alexandria 615 Exercise!
We had fun last year, learned a lot, and are looking forward to seeing all of you again, as well as meeting the new participants. And guaranteed, there will be a few surprises!

You are asked to be victims in a CERT mass casualty exercise.
Please dress appropriately in clothes you expect may get dirty, torn, blood soaked (fake blood), or burned (not with you in them). You also are welcome to bring an old blanket or cardboard to separate you from the ground.

When: April 26, 2008
Report at: 9:00 am
Where: John Adams Elementary School (5651 Rayburn Avenue, off Beauregard, in west Alexandria.)

This invitation is for victim participants only. There are no Observer positions.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you!
Please RSVP: by April 18.

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