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Stargazer-An interesting way to keep in touch with others in an emergency

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Stargazer program.
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From floods to fires, natural disasters are getting worse. What would you do if you couldn't get home, or had to leave home quickly? Would you have the medical and financial information you might need? Would your family know whom to call or where to find important papers, if something happened to you?

The Stargazer Safety kit

The nonprofit Stargazer Foundation has launched the BE REALLY READY campaign to help people be organized and take control in a crisis. The first thrust of this campaign is the Stargazer Safety Kit, a package of specially created, dynamic PDF forms that you can use to record and manage information you might need in an emergency. All you need is the free Adobe Reader to enter your information directly on these forms.

Stargazer Safety Kit The Safety Kit forms can be copied and saved, like any other file. After you have completed your forms, they can be printed, saved on your computer or removable storage device, emailed to others, or stored online, all under your control.
  • YOU enter your information on these specially created, dynamic PDF forms on your computer.
  • YOU store these dynamic forms on your computer or wherever you choose
  • NO ONE, including Stargazer, sees your information, unless you let them.

Help Yourself and Others

HELP YOURSELF: In this campaign, we want you to help yourself and your family first. Organizing your information is your responsibility. No one, including the government, can do it for you.

HELP OTHERS: Share the Safety Kit with your friends and colleagues. Email a copy of the special Zip folder containing the blank forms to your contacts.

Tell people to go to to find out more about the program. From traditional word of mouth to online social networking, we need your help to spread the word.

HELP STARGAZER HELP OTHERS: Companies and organizations can make the Stargazer Safety Kit a free employee benefit, as well as share it with customers, partners, and the broader community. Larger entities can become sponsors, much like the sponsors of the Olympics. Contact us with possibilities and success stories.

We all have a stake in making our families safer, and in helping others to make the world a safer place. This campaign is a simple way for you to help yourself and to make a difference. Please HELP.
Sincerely, Stargazer - An Online Service for Social Good Art (JPEG) Arthur Bushkin
Chairman & CEO
Stargazer Foundation
Making Safety Simpler

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  1. The "BE REALLY READY" campaign is simple PDF forms that can be saved anywhere!
    Isn't is the simplest solutions that work the best!

    Take a moment and spread the word about

    Oh they have Family, Business, Group, and Community Kits too!


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