Monday, March 24, 2008

New Classes: Need Volunteers!!!

The new CERT classes are starting this week. Please review the calendar below. You’ll notice there are three classes, CERT 31, 32, and 33. CERT 31 is being taught at and by the City of Alexandria. We will not be involved in that except for the final exercise. We will need assistance with CERT 32 and 33. The dates we need help are:
a. May 7, May 8 for Triage
b. May 14, May 15 for Medical Operations
c. June 4, June 5 for Scenarios
d. June 8 for final exercise

You may come to any of the CERT 32 and 33 classes at the Fairfax Academy as a refresher if you’d like. Remember, you must refresh every calendar year in order to stay active. You can refresh performing any one of the following:
a. Attending an auditing single class currently being held.
b. Attending any single refresher class in the fall.
c. Being an actor/victim for a single class.

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