Thursday, March 13, 2008

Citizen Corps Council and Red Cross Opportunities for Fairfax County CERT Members

You may have heard that March is Red Cross Month!

Several local training and volunteer opportunties have been posted on the Citizen Corps Council blog.

We hope to see other CERT members at the free one-day Mass Care and Shelter Operations training in April.

And for those interested in operation centers, you might want to check out the Disaster Duty Officer volunteer opportunity.

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  1. Andrew,
    Are the mass care and shelter ops classes two seperate classes? I'm asking because I took the Red Cross shelter ops class in November of last year,but don't remember the mass care class being part of one big class.The shelter ops class was AWESOME training, and free to boot!
    Do you have any info on a Red Cross wilderness first aid class in the near future? The CERT "fun with duct tape and sharpies" first aid techniques are good,but if we're to keep victims alive up to three days without outside help; I'd like to get more medical training if possible.


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