Sunday, February 24, 2008

CERT at the PreAct conference!

Saturday from 10am to 1pm we had the CERT display (sort of) at the PreAct event. This was held at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Springfield; and the event was coordinated by Lutheran disaster response services.

I say "sort of", because some complete idiot (me) brought the CERT display.....but forgot the pictures to go ON the display. CERT IS about making do with the materials at hand, right? What we ended up doing was a CERT gear table display; along with the handouts and signup sheet (which I did bring). This worked, and actually worked very well. Space for a display was tight at best. Kevin Mullins from CERT 20 was again my counterpart on the display; thanks for your help Kevin!!!

There were probably 100 people at this event, from various churches around Fairfax County. The people attending were "congregation preparedness managers" at their respective churches; so we had a good crowd. LOTS of interest in the CERT program; the emcee for the event was a graduate of CERT 27, Nelson Latona. Thomas Lambiase of CERT (21I think) helped set up this event, and Lewis Saylor (CERT 12?) was one of the speakers on pandemic influenza.

It was a super community outreach event for CERT!

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