Sunday, February 3, 2008

CERT at Mount Vernon Town hall meeting!

Hi folks!
Yesterday Kevin of CERT 20 and I manned an information booth at the Mount Vernon district's annual town hall meeting. This event was conducted at Mount Vernon HS in Alexandria. Fairfax county executive Gerald Connolly was there, Mount Vernon district supervisor Hyland was there too. In addition,here were almost 100 different informational booths .

This was a great event; many people came by to get information on CERT. The announcement of CERT training in the south side of Fairfax County was well received by all. Lots of potential new CERT students signed up for more info on the program (which starts March 17 for the south side CERT training).

I'd like to toss out a BIG CERT ""YOU ROCK!!!!"" to Kevin Mullins of CERT 20; who has helped "talk CERT" at 6 different community outreach events now. Talk about dedication!

Do you have an event where you would like someone to "talk CERT" to your community organization? Would you like a CERT booth at your next community event? Feel free to let me know, email me at and we'll be there. "Have display, will travel!"

your volunteer PIO


  1. Off to work, but want to congratulate Kevin on his appointment of deputy PIO.

  2. Hey Terry and Kevin,

    Thanks for showing off your hard work and the display!!


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