Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Winter Safety E-Cards

You can send e-cards to friends and family to say hello and at the same time remind them about the importance of winter safety. Please visit to send one today. I think I will send Mike the "heat your home wisely" one ... ;)


  1. These E-cards are great. It is important to remind, inform, and even nag family members to be prepared and be safe. Now if they just had an e-card regarding candles..... My aunt almost burned her house down this holiday. She left a candle burning in the bathroom and forgot all about it. Fortunately, the candle was sitting on a tiled window ledge so when it burned completely, the wax dripped down on the tile. We still can't figure out how the curtains did not catch fire. But I am very grateful that the only mess to be cleaned was melted wax. Oh, did I mention that there was not one working smoke detector in the house? We cleaned up the mess and installed a working smoke detector, though I'm not holding my breath that the batteries will be changed when needed. So, speaking from experience, it is very important to share CERT and general safety knowledge with your family members. Do not assume that your family have working smoke detectors in their house.



    Go to the supermarket and buy her some battery operated candles. If you go to Glade's website they are running a buy one get one free promotion.

  3. Donna are you the right person to talk to about getting involved with the Herndon CERT team? I understand they are an active team and I would be interested in getting involved.

  4. Jack Ledgerwood will get you straight with Herndon CERT.

    You will need to complete the CERT training through Fairfax County( before joining the Herndon group.


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