Thursday, December 6, 2007

Twelve safe gifts for the holidays

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I know everyone is shopping for that perfect holiday gift for that special person. Here's some really great gift ideas, give the gift of safety! The following list is from the Canada Safety Council.
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The Twelve Safe Gifts for the Holidays

The perfect gift is sometimes difficult to find. Canada Safety Council has a dozen suggestions of gifts for this holiday season that are thoughtful, affordable and priceless.

  1. Three smoke detectors and batteries: The ultimate gift that shows you care. Change your batteries twice a year.
  2. Carbon monoxide detector: It may save a life. Install near the sleeping quarters so that the alarm can wake you up to get outside immediately.
  3. Quality all-purpose fire extinguisher: Always a necessity in the kitchen, workshop or garage. Regular maintenance is required.
  4. Winter emergency car kit with road flares: Great gift for anyone that owns a car. Be sure to add a high-energy snack, bottled water and a blanket.
  5. First aid kit: You may want to add the cost of taking a CPR class or First Aid course to this gift. This might be a “gift that gives back” if you ever need CPR or first aid care.
  6. Second floor escape ladder: A small investment for life saving potential.
  7. Flashlight and batteries: One of the most useful items to have in several areas of the house. Be sure to advise babysitters where they can find one.
  8. Bicycle flag, light and mirror: For the environment-friendly cyclist in your family.
  9. Window guards and balcony netting: For keeping the little tots in your life safe from serious falls. Make sure that you always supervise children and have at least one window in each room that can be used as a fire escape.
  10. Safety goggles: For the handy-person planning the next home renovation.
  11. Portable cordless telephone: (or phone message system) Great for making life easier when supervising children in the bath tub, in the pool or outdoors playing.
  12. Defensive driving courses: Wonderful for drivers of all ages. To reacquaint your loved ones with the newest safety tips and advice on road safety.

Holiday tag to attach to gift basket:

You mean so very much to me,
I want you safe and sound.
Accept this gift and you will see
you’ll thank me later on!

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  1. Thanks for that list. We all look forward to receiving them.

    For those that live in apartments, substitute the "Second floor escape ladder"

    With a backpack helicopter or jetpack.

    Or a large roll of tape that could be used to make a larger ladder.


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