Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Reminder: Radio Workshops Tonight and Thursday

There is still room at Mason District tonight and lots of space at the Government Center Thursday.

The LA Times has a great example of tactical audio + photos of firefighter shelter deployment during burnover in LA. Outstanding example of good communications, accounting for personnel, which saved lives.

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  1. Cathleen,
    This looks to be a very interesting class; I'm going to be attending the Thursday night class at the Govt. center. I spoke with Ed this morning and he told me that CERT folks can just show up; but a call to him would ensure enough handouts for everyone.
    If I remember correctly this class also counts as a CERT refresher. Derek's last CERT update newsletter mentioned this class would count.........It's a great oppurtunity; you can learn proper radio ops AND have it qualify as a refresher.
    CERT 14
    volunteer PIO


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