Monday, November 26, 2007

Fryer Fires in the news.....

Apparently nobody in Billings, Montana reads the Fairfax CERT blog..... this person not only left the fryer unattended, they also used it on a covered deck.

A turkey fryer is to blame for a fire that destroyed a Billings home Friday night.
Flames broke out shortly before 9:00 on Friday, when an unattended turkey fryer, on a covered deck, caught the home on fire.
The fire leveled the home, a detached garage and two vehicles. A neighbor's home was also damaged.
The Billings Fire department has ruled the blaze accidental.
No one was injured, but a neighbor, who arrived after the family escaped says two dogs were still in the home at the time of the fire. Neighbor Dale Sekora describes the scene, "When I got there, I could look under the smoke, but within seconds. The smoke was right on the floor. It was just too dangerous to go in the house. I called the dogs to see if they would come, but it was just too dangerous to go in." Four adults and two children made it out safely but a small dog died in the fire.

In St. John, Indiana, someone decided to place the fryer near a car in their garage......I believe we covered this as well.

ST. JOHN, Ind. — Firefighters blame a turkey fryer for starting a fire that destroyed a garage and a sport utility vehicle in St. John.

Fire Chief Jim Funk says firefighters from two departments were called to the home in the community about 10 miles south of Gary about 5:30 Thursday evening.
Funk says the fire began when oil in the turkey fryer boiled over. All the residents were able to get out of the house and no injuries were reported.
The fire destroyed the garage and an SUV parked nearby. The house had smoke and water damage.

And finally, someone in Freeman Township, Maine, who left the fryer unattended and was using it indoors.....

FREEMAN TOWNSHIP - Arlene Bubier prepared a turkey Friday for a second Thanksgiving dinner and was getting ready for work when someone came to the house and told her smoke was coming from the barn.Bubier's husband, Steve, was cooking the turkey in a propane-run turkey fryer in the barn and had just stepped into the house, according to Linda Brackley, the mother of Arlene Bubier. Fire Chief Scott Dyar said it was the turkey cooker that started the morning fire, but was unable to say if the cooker malfunctioned or specifically how it caused the blaze. The barn and a business it housed were destroyed, and the house was heavily damaged, he said. Firefighters thought they had saved the house, he said, but they ended up having to tear off half the roof on the back side to get at the fire.The Bubiers were able to escape uninjured and get the family's dogs out, Brackley said.About 45 firefighters from Strong, Kingfield, Phillips, Farmington, New Vineyard and Salem Township responded to the fire call at 10:45 a.m.They hosed down the structure to keep the fire from spreading into the house, but it got into the eaves and the walls, Dyar said.

No reports of drinking and frying.....

And you thought I was just being Chicken Little....or Turkey Little, as the case may be.



  1. Mike,
    It looks like we have 3 candidates for this years' Darwin Awards. Makes you wonder if brains are optional equipment in people sometimes.....Your'e familiar with the Darwin awards,aren't you?
    "Named in honor of Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, the Darwin Awards commemorate those who improve our gene pool by removing themselves from it." All three of these folks deserve an award....


  2. If only everyone would simply do as I tell them.......


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