Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fairfax County Citizen Corps-A look back at 2007

Hi folks!
I just took a peek at the Fairfax County Citizen Corps blogsite (available at www.citizencorps.blogspot.com ) and saw some items of interest to CERT.
The first post on the site are slides from a presentation documenting activities of Faifax County citizen corps throughout 2007. CERT is VERY prominently displayed in the pictures; a lot of our activities this year are documented very well too. (WOW, CERT has participated in a BUNCH of community outreach events since earlier this year.)
The second post involves our county Citizen Corps chairman Andrew Levy. (He's a graduate of CERT 15, by the way). Looks like he walked off with Virginia's Citizen Corps volunteer of the year award at the recent VPSOC conference in Newport News, VA. Congratulations, Andrew!
Remember, this Saturday December 1st is the date of the final drill for the current CERT 29 class; hope to see you there!

your volunteer PIO

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