Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fairfax County CERT mentioned in VDEM's emergency management update

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This article about the recent BSA "disaster drill camporee is in the November 7th issue of VDEM's emergency management update. The full newsletter ( sent weekly to emergency management personnel throughout the state of Virginia) is available at
Thanks to all who participated in and planned this super event.
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Virginia Department of Emergency Management, EM UPDATE, Issued Biweekly for the Virginia Emergency Management Community

Fairfax County CERT trains area Boy Scouts
Members of the Fairfax County Community Emergency Response Team trained Boy Scouts at the George Mason District BSA "Camporee," Oct. 13-14 at the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Academy. The event focused on methods of effective disaster preparedness and mitigation, with a simulated hurricane recovery center that helped scouts earn emergency preparedness merit badges. CERT subject matter experts led scouts through various training and response scenarios and served as command and control staff, moulage technicians and logistical preparation staff.

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