Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Disaster Preparedness Tip of the Week for you...

Hi Folks!
Daylight saving time ends this weekend; and it's a perfect time to set the clocks back an hour.(Either that or you'll end up being WAY too early for work! :) It's also a great time to check or replace the batteries in your smoke detectors.
As CERT's, lets add one more little step to this. Take a few more minutes and check on the items in your emergency kits. Are the batteries in your emergency kit flashlights still good? Are the foodstuffs in your kits beginning to culture bacteria on their own? Is there something you wanted to add to your disaster kits and never got around to doing it? Did you use something out of your kits and forget to replace it? NOW is the time to check and restock those kits; it's better to check them now than to find out problems with your emergency kits during a disaster. That would be disastrous! :)
So everyone; take a few minutes out of your hectic lives and do these easy to do little things. It only takes a little time to make sure your kits are up to snuff but can pay off BIG in an emergency.
your volunteer PIO

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