Thursday, October 11, 2007

even MORE !!! upcoming CERT volunteer oppurtunities!

Hi folks!
First off, I wanted to clarify some details regarding this weekend's camporee at the Fairfax County fire and rescue academy.
If you are interested in participating as a volunteer for the camporee, PLEASE email me at .Or, contact Charles Monts of CERT 12 directly at ; he's the organizer of this incredible event.

There is a specific reason for this; If you are NOT on the list to volunteer for this event and just "show up" at the fire academy expecting to help; you will be turned away.
Obviously, the event organizers would REALLY appreciate your help; but they do need to know who is coming out to help.

We've had even more requests for a CERT display presence at some local area events; CERT is getting lots of "face time" at events all over the county. We are getting the CERT "word"out in a big way. Our fellow residents are interested in disaster preparation, and it's showing!
I've just received some requests from the county Office of Emergency Management for a CERT display at two different events. These events are:

Wednesday, October 17th from 11am to 2 pm at Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac is located at 8100 Jones Branch Road in McLean, VA 22102. They are having an emergency preparedness "fair" and would like to have our CERT display there. Basically we would set up our CERT display; talk about CERT to the Fannie Mae employees and hand out disaster preparedness information to them. It's a good oppurtunity to "talk CERT" to these folks! I was wondering if perhaps we had some Freddie Mac employees among our CERT membership; this would be an ideal oppurtunity to help your fellow employees. If your'e interested in manning this display please email me at .

The other CERT display request is for:
Monday, October 22nd at Fannie Mae- There are two locations and two times for this event, which is the Fannie Mae emergency preparedness fair. Again, we would set up our CERT display, give out disaster preparedness information and "Talk CERT" to the fair attendees.

The first location is at 11600 American Dream Way in Reston-the fair at this location runs from 9am to 11am.

The second location (on the same day, Oct. 22nd) is at 13100 Worldgate Drive in Herndon. The emergency preparedness fair here will run from 2:30pm to 4:30 pm

Each of these events will afford us an oppurtunity to spread the very important message of disaster preparedness to an interested group of people. If you would like to represent CERT at any of these events please feel free to email me at .

Your volunteer PIO

For those that participated in the US Army's 911th engineer company disaster drill a few weeks back- certificates of appreciation and a CD of pictures from the event will be mailed to your homes within the next few weeks; per Lt. Branson. He sent me a very nice email thanking us yet again for our efforts; and he RAVED about the great job we did as victims. They truly enjoyed having us there. Being a victim is a good way to learn how to be a better CERT.

He also mentioned another upcoming drill, involving DC fire dept., the Marines, some other assets and the 911th engineer company. The upcoming drill promises to be even larger than the one we just participated in ( And it was pretty good sized!)
He asked if we would be interested in participating in it, the drill runs from October 22nd through the 24th. I will be posting specific details as soon as I get them.
Judy from CERT 29-sounds like a great oppurtunity to use those zip ties! :) Jack, sounds like a good time to start looking for your dog "Gunny" too :) Dirce, sounds like another oppurtunity to be slung over the shoulder of another firefighter :)

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