Thursday, October 18, 2007


First of all, great job last night to everyone with last nights class. As you can see the exercises are putting together more and more pieces of what we have been teaching from day one. Some of the issues you are experiencing during our little exercises are the same ones occurring at the national level TopOff exercise. Simple things like communications are a problem across the country, but we can change that. Be sure to talk to your partner(s); talk to the other teams, tell them where you just came from and where you are going; talk to Command and enumerate your needs and the hazards you come across; write things down-don't rely on your memory.

Speaking of hazards, next weeks class will cover various hazards you might come across. This class is important because this is when we will really start getting on you about wearing all of your personal protective equipment (helmet, gloves [leather and rubber], eye protection, knee pads and masks). From this point forward, YOU could become the victim at any point if you are not properly protected.

Also, as we are building upon the classes that came before us so far, be sure to bring plenty of rags for bandages and some blankets to carry victims with. The victims are going to become heavier and more real (and might include YOU), so having the proper equipment to care for them is paramount.

Finally, please remember to get some batteries for your radios. We will spend a little time going over radio procedures next Wednesday, BUT YOU MUST BRING YOUR RADIO WITH THREE AAA BATTERIES INSTALLED! (I would recommend bringing another three for when you kill the first three).

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing everyone next Wednesday, same CERT time, same CERT location.



  1. Mike,

    I have .ppt ready for basic and advanced radio procedures. If you would like to use email me
    or call 703-501-1400

  2. I missed this past Wednesday's class and didn't get a radio. Can I get a radio from someone before the next class or can you tell me what kind of batteries I need to bring?


  3. Just bring a pack of AAA batteries and you will be fine.

  4. Besides the AAA batteries. If you bring sandwiches for the instructors, that helps improve the class as well. :-)

  5. .............and double chocolate Godiva brownies......

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  7. Sorry I missed this class. Was working base staff at the Dolly Sod SAR for the autistic boy.

    Part of my task at this search was briefing emergent volunteers and FTMs that were field promoted into FTL positions. Thank you Derek and crew, I always lead with the CERT mantra of safety of yourself, family, your team, other teams, and then subject (victim) are the order priority.

    Met and worked with CERT teams from Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Notable difference from FFX CERT is that the WV CERT is lead by the state police, are more militaristic in organization and are pushed to acquire FTM (Field Team Member) and FTL (Field Team Leader) certifications.

    I'll be at the next class for the free food (baring another SAR op). I have some input from my experience from this last SAR briefing volunteers on radio use. Personally, I am in the last stages of purchasing a UHF/VHF transceiver to have MARS/CAP modified for Search & Rescue and cah share that perspective.

  8. Do the West Virginia CERT carry guns? Maybe that is why it is led by the police :-)

  9. I find that CERT classes go very well with any form of Chocolate....

  10. CERT volunteers in West Virginia are not permitted to carry firearms, regardless of concealed carry permit status. Exceptions are authorized only for sworn law enforcement personnel required by their supervising authority to be armed whenever off duty. Examples include active duty military police, federal special agents, and reserve sheriff's deputies.

  11. What is this? CERT has snack time?

    No picnics in the burn building for me.


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