Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Hi folks!
Here is the current list I have of folks who have offered to help with the boy Scout camporee THIS SATURDAY October 13th. Remember, the camporee is being held at the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue academy at 4600 West Ox Road ; where we all train. The camporee runs Saturday and Sunday; but our part will be on Saturday only. Here's the current volunteer list I have for the camporee.

Cathleen Tracy
Betty Varholy
Jim Raba
Bob Greenwood

Cathleen, I know you mentioned being able to help from 9am to around 12pm or so. For Betty, Jim and Bob; what times will you be able to help? Charles has not mentioned this so far; but those who are volunteering; I would probably recommend bringing your CERT gear. Please remember folks, THIS CAMPOREE COUNTS AS A CERT REFRESHER TOO! Help the scouts and help keep yourself current as well.
Charles Monts of CERT 12, the event organizer is looking for help at any time on this Saturday; the critical need is for helpers from the 11am to 8pm timeframe. Am I missing anyone who has agreed to volunteer? I'm traveling today without my day planner and feeling a bit brainless.(more so than usual). Charles has been able to organize fire extinguisher training and a visit by the Fairfax county police chopper for the scouts through the efforts of Mike Forgy and Steve Willey,and has organized media coverage as well.
There's still lots of help needed, so if you are interested in helping; please email me at alfasedanman@aol.com.
Thanks !

Volunteer PIO

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  1. Terry, you have my times right -- I can come earlier if you need me to but I need to leave by noon.


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