Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boy Scout Camporee

Hi all ...

Many thanks to those who came out to support the George Mason District's Fall Camporee on October 13-14th. For those who are going through the current CERT class, these are the fine folk who feed us during our final exercise! I believe that there were members of the press there so if and when any articles are posted, we will pass them on to you. For those who helped out, please share your experiences.

I was there for the set up so Jim Raba and I walked the grounds of the academy to mark off any unsafe areas with surveyors tape. I also conducted the safety briefings of the adults who would either be supporting as:

1.) Adult companions to the patrols to ensure two-deep leadership (a very important tenant of Scouting).

2.) Actors / victims.

I left before play started although I did hear that they were going to bedding down in the high bay (how cool was that??). I also saw that Safeway had provided a refridgerated truck for part of the exercise (to simulate a store).


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