Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Taste Test - Popular Survival Rations

Popular Mechanics August issue published a comparison of some so-called "survival rations among a great collection of articles on preparedness.

"While the Mainstay bar received the highest ratings on average, its strong lemon flavor was polarizing-some staffers loved it, some hated it. The Datrex bar consistently received neutral ratings, even reminding one editor of dried biscotti. The ER Bar, while the favorite of one staffer, received low marks and was described as "soapy."

While visiting Popular Mechanics, be sure to check out the other disaster-related resources in the same issue.

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  1. Cathleen,
    I have some personal experience with these survival bars; I'm a regular reader of popular mechanics and read this article with some interest.We actually went out and bought these same bars to do my own family taste test.These bars are available online at, major surplus in California, Coleman's surplus in Pennsylvania, etc..
    My wife LOVED the mainstay bars; but then again she likes anything lemon. That flavor is STRONG...Thumbs up from her, thumbs down from me, I hate the taste of lemon. We'll put these in her disaster bag......
    The ER bar got thumbs down from both of us as well; I think the container this bar came in is more tasty.And yes, it does take like chewing on a bar of soap.Don't bother buying this one.Or, you could buy them and give them out to those of your neighbors that don't prepare.....These things are NASTY!
    The datrex bar, yep; I'd call it neutral tasting...I gave it a "sideways thumbs up"; the missus gave it a thumbs up.I can understand the biscotti comment. The datrex bars are packed in packs of 10 cubes with 200 calories of nutrition in each cube, and they certainly look like biscotti.All square and multi colored....The texture is crumbly; the taste is like the article said; "neutral".Reminds me of a crumbly piece of what passes for cornbread up here.These are probably the least offensive tasting of these three bars in our taste test.
    Any of these bars make a worthwhile addition to disaster prep bags for your car or at work; or if you want to store lots of food in a limited space in your pantry.
    But, I encourage each and every CERT that reads this post.......If your'e storing food for disaster preparedness; MAKE SURE YOU STORE FOODS THAT YOU LIKE TO EAT.....Try the foods you intend on storing; taste test them with your family as well.A disaster is NOT the time to find out those foods you stored are ones you don't like to eat.
    volunteer PIO


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