Monday, September 24, 2007

Spend an evening with the US army.......

Hi folks!
Yep, I caught your attention on that one, huh....Well, Fairfax County CERT members have been extended that invitation yet again.
I spoke today with Lt. J.B. Branson; who is an engineer and platoon leader for the US army's 911th engineer battalion at Fort Belvoir. We had met this man at the Red Cross Save a Life event a few weeks ago. He had heard of the CERT volunteer victims' "performance" at the recent force protection exercise and asked if we'd be interested in playing victim at one of his exercises. The 911th engineer battalion is a "technical rescue" unit, similar in composition to Virginia Task force 1 our own Steve Wiley is with; but it's tasked specifically to search and rescue operations in federal buildings and the like.
Lt. Branson asked me to see if any CERT's would be interested in playing victim for their exercise at Fort Belvoir on Monday, October 1st from 7pm to around 10:30 pm. Their exercise is going to run for 24 hours straight; but we would only be needed for the first 3 hours or so. They would need us as frightened bystanders and victims of the event; he mentioned they needed head injuries and injuries of that nature. They will moulage us and I got to see their moulage kits at the recent force protection exercise. Our CERT moulage kits look like fishing tackle boxes; theirs look like steamer trunks be comparison. The army takes moulage very very seriously..... The kind Lieutenant did say we could "hang out" and observe the rest of the exercise as long as we wanted. We'll be bussed out to the old Lorton prison site and then bussed back to the post from what I understand.
This call for victims should prove to be extremely interesting. The premise of the exercise is something I was asked(told) not to mention; due to some army operational security requirements. I can guarantee it's not our normal CERT disaster scenarios by any stretch of the imagination. I CAN say it's a scenario geared to the local area though. I can also say there will be armored vehicles there. That's about all I can say.
If your'e interested in participating in this rather unusual disaster scenario please feel free to email me at . I KNOW I want to be a victim for this one, it is going to be exciting.

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