Thursday, September 6, 2007

some disaster preparedness links for you

Hi folks!
In light of September being Disaster preparedness month; I thought I'd post some relevant disaster links for you.

This is the link to the Virtual Naval Hospital. There are a large number of interesting first aid/medical books available for free download from this site.

A site which has all sorts of information on disaster preparedness gear; reviews of equipment, and lots of "how to's" with regards to surviving various natural and not so natural disasters.

This site is from the US food and drug administration. This site has a wealth of links on food storage preparation and salvage in disaster situations.

This is from the National food safety database; and gives tips on how to prepare for food and water shortages. Some might think this site to be a touch dated (with references to Y2K, etc) but the tips are useful

This site is from the UN/UNHCR and has a wealth of downloadable books on a variety of health and safety issues arising from disasters.

This link has an extensive list of downloadable books on a variety of subjects relating to disaster preparedness. There is a good amount of truly fascinating reading on this site.

Enjoy these links and the learning you can get from them.
CERT volunteer PIO

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