Friday, September 21, 2007

Secretary Michael Chertoff Addresses Preparedness

In his latest Leadership Journal entry, Secretary Chertoff discusses the importance of developing a culture of preparedness ... something that we in CERT have fully embraced and work hard to bring to our friends, family and Fairfax County.

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  1. An interesting post, but what was more interesting were the comments left by other readers on the DHS site.
    One in particular mentioned September as National Preparedness Month as a month of "disaster PR";and nothing more In this respect the poster is 100%correct.
    Disaster preparedness shouldn't be handled as "the flavor of the month" from a recognition standpoint. Disaster preparedness is something that should be recognized every day; much like putting one's pants on in the morning. One does not want to be caught with their "pants down"; either from a wardrobe malfunction nor a preparedness standpoint.
    Preparedness is EVERY DAY. Disasters don't announce when they happen, they just happen.If we could arrange to have disasters happen at specific times then life from a planning standpoint would be pretty easy, huh?
    Being that we are CERT's; we have had the golden oppurtunity of training to plan for, recognize and mitigate the effects of a disaster; furthermore we have the oppurtunity as citizens and CERTs to further the preparedness message to our neighbors.
    One fine example of this is the "disaster preparedness" camporee being held at the fire academy on October 13th and 14th. Charles Monts of CERT 12 has done an absolutely OUTSTANDING job of putting a disaster preparedness teaching oppurtunity together; with CERT as an integral part of that oppurtunity.
    Would you like to help teach preparedness to that most precious segment of the population; our children? If your'e interested in helping please email me at for details.
    Remember, preparedness is an every day thing.

    CERT 14
    volunteer PIO

  2. can't quibble with preparedness, Chertoff made a BIG ommission: how to creatively and effectively use personal communications in a crisis. check my "21st-century disaster tips you WON'T hear from officials:


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