Friday, September 28, 2007

Preparedness Month - Coming to an End?

Earlier earlier this week, there was a post that mentioned as Preparedness Month comes to an end. I suggested we should look at is as a beginning for the next year. But maybe I spoke too soon.

What would you do if there was no longer a CERT program in the County? What about if the Medical Reserve Corp (MRC) shut down? And what if the Fairfax Citizen Corps Council no longer existed?

I doubt any of us would argue that it is important for these programs continue.

It was brought to our attention that Federal, National Capital Region, and State grant funding will not be available for Citizen Corps Council programs, such as CERT, starting in 2008.

One option would be to have volunteers pay to be trained. Is that even an option? (Not looking for an answer here).

Funding has been requested through OEM for Citizen Corps Council programs. However, with tight budgets, there is a strong chance this will not get approved.

Should the Fire Deparment be funding CERT? As VIPs and Neighborhood Watch are funded by the Police Department.

These are some of the questions raised at the Citizen Corps Council meeting last night. Several members of the Citizen Corps Council will be contacting the Board of Supervisors to have them help us ensure the programs continue. You might consider doing the same.

What are your thoughts?


  1. What about working through the Citizen Corps to apply for part of the Homeland Security Nonprofit Grants. I believe the application will need to go through the state of Virginia....


  2. Those grants are for nonprofits. Currently CERT falls under the Fire Department and MRC under the Health Department.


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