Sunday, September 23, 2007

October 6th Alexandria CERT exercise and Fall for Fairfax

Here's an excerpt of an email from Brian Jacobsen of Alexandria CERT.The exercise is Saturday October 6th from 8am to 1pm. The location has changed for the exercise; it's going to be at another location (it is NOT going to be at Ben Brennan park apparently)and as soon as I get that info I'll be passing it on to you. Several of you have signed up; but they are going to need LOTS more folks.Lots......
Email me at if your'e able to help and I'll pass it on to the Alexandria folks.Here's Brian's email excerpt........

2. We are coming up short on victims. I do have several from FFX so far, but can you beat the drum for me . . . loudly? Anyone from FFX Citizen Corp may participate as well. Please have them provide name, email address, and phone number to

Also, on the Fall for Fairfax event for Saturday,September 29th the CERT volunteers are going to be doing live extrication and leverage/cribbing demonstrations! The office of emergency management wanted us to do something "3 dimensional", and light search and rescue is about as 3 dimensional as it gets.Want to come out and join in showing the community what we do? Let me know.

Volunteer PIO

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  1. I spoke with Brian and to clarify, "This is not a class final drill, this is a city-wide mass casualty full scale exercise."

    I explained that the level of training and final exercise that we go through in Fairfax County, we see little difference between a final exercise and community-wide event, except that t-shirts for the event are usually supplied and the press shows up. :-)

    Alexandria CERT has participated in events with us over the past few years.


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