Friday, September 7, 2007

National Preparedness Month - DHS Video featuring our own Mike Forgy

Mike Forgy, one of our own CERT Instructors is featured on this 14 minute video released by the Department of Homeland Security. Those attending the August 15 CERT Refresher will recognize the footage.

Mike is highlighed as an employee of the DHS who exemplifies what it means to be prepared and involved. The webcast may be viewed at and will be accessible throughout National Preparedness Month.


  1. Talk about great free advertising for the county CERT program! Nice job Mike!
    CERT volunteer PIO

  2. Please submit all autograph requests in writing.

  3. Mike,
    On a serious note; DHS is still pushing the "3 day emergency kit".I noticed in the video that 3days "or more" was mentioned. Is DHS finally realizing that a 3 day kit might not be enough supplies for a family or individual? Katrina seemed to prove the fallacy of the 3 day kit; I'm just curious when (or if) DHS will officially tell people to stock "more than 3 days supplies".
    I'll also grab your autograph at the next CERT refresher.Hey, nicely done job on the video.Fairfax County CERT couldn't get any better advertising!


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