Monday, September 24, 2007

Information on Safe Rooms

As National Preparedness Month winds down, I would encourage you to check out the resources on safe rooms over at FEMA. They have information on residental and public safe rooms, case studies, best practices, and more. For more information, please visit

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  1. As National Preparedness Month winds down? Or as we get ramped up!

    Lets all look at National Preparedness Month as a way to kick off events and things we can do throughout the year. Then next September, we can look back over the year to see how much better prepared we are.

    Calendar year, government year, fiscal year, preparedness year.

    Lets not make this a resolution we forget after a few weeks.

    While this month might be too short to challenge everyone. For all those reading this blog, over the next year, I challenge all readers of this blog to share an experience, announcement, or anything related to CERT on this blog. That one posting can help someone else be better prepared.

    And don't stay locked up in your safe room all year long. Want another challenge, be a victim at least once over the next year as well.


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