Thursday, September 6, 2007

Family Plan

As part of National Preparedness/Fairfax Prepares Month, if we ask ourselves some questions, it will help us think about things we might have overlooked and help with the thought process.

Here are some things to think about.

How many of you have developed plans for your family? There are probably a good amount of CERT folks that have.

So here is a question... does that plan include when your children are not with you (for example after a school bus picks them up or if they are on a sleepover at a friends house across the county)? Does that plan include your pets? Does that plan include family members that might be out of town on travel? Do others know about your plan?

Does your plan clearly specify where you will be? After all, we might be needed in other areas of the county. Does that plan make sure your family is cared for during that time?

What are some other questions and things we should be thinking about that we may have overlooked?

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  1. Cathleen,
    I can happily say that I was able to answer 99% of the questions you asked regarding disaster preparedness (except for the kids at school ones; we have no children).
    I know of something that people could, and should look at regarding family disaster preparedness.

    This would be looking hard at the idea of having 72 hours of food and water on hand....this has to be the most incredibly lame and asinine disaster preparedness concept known to man. Whoever thought of this lame idea (and whoever keeps shamelessly promoting it) should be taken out and horsewhipped, in my opinion. It took FEMA 9 days of confusion and paperwork to get a truck load of ice to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Do we as citizens honestly think that 3 days is enough for store up for? If you do you're merely fooling yourselves. Sorry folks, I feel rather strongly on this one.
    Seventy two hours is the "Estimated" time it would take for our county fire and EMS services to get back to operable condition. Ok, 3 days to get to WHERE they can operate again. There's 1.1 million people in Fairfax County and 36 fire stations. We as CERT's are told that generally the most help we can expect after a disaster is a fire engine company on scene.That's what, 4 firefighters? In a disaster everybody and their brother is going to be demanding help from these (4) folks.How big is the average housing development in Fairfax county; 100 homes? 100 homes with 3 people in each home=300 people demanding food water and medical services from those same (4) firefighters. They are going to be utterly overwhelmed wherever they go. Personally I'd hate to be a firefighter in this instance; people are clamoring for your services, for food (because most DON'T prepare)and clean water and they aren't going to (initially) have enough to go around. So, who starves, who gets food and water? If you had prepared yourself, and not exclusively relied on others to prepare for you (as most do) these issues become non issues.I am glad to see CERT's are not of the "let someone else prepare for me" train of thought.
    Packing food water and supplies for 72 hours just means that your'e going to be REALLY hungry, thirsty, and sick OR dead when emergency services people finally get to you 5-7 days after the event. Folks, my moral here is-even if a disaster has occurred; don't EXPECT help to immediately come. one day; 3 days; it won't matter. Pack your disaster supplies for a month or more; that way you have extra supplies for those neighbors who didn't prepare. You also have additional food and water on hand to be a help, rather than a hindrance to the emergency personnel when they do arrive.After all, we ARE CERT's, aren't we?
    Do the greatest good for the greatest number-prepare for more than a 3 days..I'll get off my soapbox now.

    Terry (who has 180 days disaster supplies on hand for 3 people)
    CERT 14
    volunteer PIO


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