Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall for Fairfax CERT booth-a recap

Terry, Betty and Kevin

the sign says, "I wish CERT was in my neighborhood!"

Hi Folks!
Today Andrew Levy of CERT 15, Kevin Mullins of CERT 20 and Betty Varholy of CERT 8 and myself manned a CERT booth at the Fairfax county government center in support of the Fall For Fairfax festival. We had REALLY good response from people who stopped by the booth; and handed out a truckload of disaster preparation info to the event participants. We also did live extrication demonstrations;which I believe is a first for live demo support since the start of the CERT program. I don't think we've ever been asked to do demonstrations before and crowd response was phenomenal. People loved being "Andrew-ed"during the first demo; the audience got to see a scene sizeup; lifting and cribbing in action, victim extrication and some of our "fun with duct tape" medical skills. "Bones" was our victim in the other demos; Betty's quick thinking in bringing "bones" along just made the demos that much more exciting! This event generated more interest in CERT (and requests for info and in taking classes) than the Celebrate Fairfax event a few months ago did; there weren't as many displays at this event. So,people took more time at each booth; rather than the "run for the freebies" from the thousand booths at the Celebrate Fairfax event.We got to really sit and talk at length to our fellow citizens about disaster preparedness! We'd made up a 10 page booklet up on preparing for disasters (making a plan and building a disaster kit). I ran off 100 copies; we gave out every single one of them. The interesting thing is that 80% of these people knew that they needed to prepare, but simply didn't know how.....I think we did a huge service to our neighbors today; and CERT is all about doing the greatest good for the greatest number.......
I want to thank each of the volunteers today; ya'll were AWESOME !!!!!!! Andrew pulling his victim antics are always good for drawing attention and a good laugh. Betty is always a pleasure to work with and bringing "bones" today was an absolute stroke of GENIUS !!! Folks, Kevin and Betty are the CERT "dynamic duo" with regards to recruiting; you really should come out and see these folks in action. Kevin gets todays' CERT "superstar recruiter" award though; this man worked the crowds like a polished professional today. He was incredible!
That's the nice thing about CERT; we are "citizen responders" but each of these folks "talk CERT" as professionals do. We should all be very proud of Andrew's, Betty's and Kevin's efforts today.It's one thing to "talk CERT"; during this event these fine folks "lived and breathed" CERT and their enthusiasm and professionalism today was infectious. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with these folks today. GREAT JOB FOLKS!!!!!

volunteer PIO

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  1. Wow! Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. I also want to thank you all for your recruitment efforts --
    Betty, Kevin, Andrew and Terry, you all rock!


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