Thursday, September 6, 2007


Hi folks!
I just wanted to let you know that our CERT program is SO good that we're front page news.....Really!
Today the Fort Belvoir post newspaper, the Belvoir Eagle hit the newsstands at Fort Belvoir today. This paper is distributed among all the military bases in the Washington DC area and has an average readership of around 25,000 military personnel per week.
And one of our CERT members' photograph is sitting squarely on the front page. There's a photograph of our CERT 15 graduate Andrew Levy in his finest "I'm a victim, help me!" pose. these photos were taken during the Force protection exercise on post last week. Great big photo too.
He's also shown on page 12, getting hosed down during the gross decon part of the exercise. (Andrew, you looked like a drowned rat, I'm certain this picture is one your wife will frame...... :) I think this pic was taken before he started unloading bags from the ambulance to "help the other victims".
Nice pictures and a nice show of the rampant spirit of volunteerism in the Fairfax County CERT program.
CERT volunteer PIO


  1. The story is also online at

  2. Andrew, you have never looked so good! Don, thanks for the link!

  3. I cannot wait to see the other picture that was not in the online version.

    The real question is why did they pick me out of all the victims that were there.... as Terry mentions that is the story behind the story.

  4. Wow,
    I checked the website before going to bed last night; they hadn't updated it. That was quick!
    Andrew your pic on the site is the one on the front page, by the way. I think why they picked you for the pic was the fact you were laying in the middle of the street. Looks like the pic was taken at the start of the exercise, you were in an area the photographer could take a pic without getting soaked. Sherry and I were hobbling towards the bottom of the hill at that point.
    The other victims besides us 3 were govt. employees or soldiers; and frankly they didn't do the job as a victim as well as we did. A lot of them just laid there...whereas we were hootin' and hollerin' and vomiting and crying and tugging on their pants legs crying for help; etc.We pumped up the first responder's adrenalin levels to the point they were nervous and scared..just as they would be in a real disaster. The guys that grabbed you so hard you had to tell them they were hurting you? That's a stress response and they were stressed; you can't "act" stressed.
    I think we took "victim role playing" to a level they haven't seen in a while; the comments given during the afternoon hotwash confirmed that. We put some badly needed realism into what would otherwise have been (for them) a very "dry" and boring exercise.
    Besides, my wife and her bosses (my former customers) got to see me being dragged by a rope on my butt (healing nicely now, thank you) 150 feet across the parking lot. The ribbing I've recieved from that has had more "entertainment value" for them than any picture ever would.


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