Friday, September 28, 2007

CERT You Tube Videos

Produced by Petaluma CERT, they provide a nice overview of the importance of the CERT program. It covers the major areas of CERT and is a great tool to pass along to your "web-savvy" friends who would like a visual display of "what is CERT." Here is a link to the first video -->


  1. Thank you for that post. There are a few things that really demonstrate the value of some of the things we highlight in the Fairfax County program.

    Did anyone notice their PPE (or lack of)? What good do goggles do when they are on an helmet?

    Also, I liked how the video was pulled together. I think based on our training though, we tend to look at small things. Did you notice the woman who wore a dress to the class and was putting out the fire?

    That being said, we had a student in our CERT program who was dressed up and we joked with her. But in reality, in the real world, they might be coming home from work and be dressed that way.

    We should have a best dressed CERT contest. Well, maybe not. :-)

  2. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!
    There are several themes that reoccur during this painful to watch CERT video.Yes, I say painful.Here's why...
    The CERT's looked as though they're operating alone! No buddy system being practiced here...
    TOTAL LACK OF PPE !!I think I saw one pair of medical gloves being worn during the entire medical segment. I guess their goggles were fashion accessories? Wasn't someone wearing shorts? I didn't see ONE mask being worn through the entire video.Imagine going in our burn building without a mask! On the flip side,we can't go near the burn building or multipurpose building without PPE. They were putting out fires far larger than our standard "no bigger than a trashcan" size. Did anyone notice none of them had packs on? where was the rest of their gear? None of them had a flashlight anywhere near them; parts of that building in the start of the video were clearly darkened. How were they going to go in to search for victims? By touch?
    I am so glad for the professionalism of our instructors; most of what you see happen in this video I don't think would EVER happen with our CERT instructors.
    volunteer PIO


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