Thursday, September 13, 2007

CERT volunteer update

Hi folks!

I just wanted to remind those that signed up to volunteer that the Red Cross Save a Life event is THIS SATURDAY, September 15th. This event is at Thomas Jefferson high school in Falls Church. Here's who I have listed to help volunteer with the CERT display there.

Jack Ledgerwood, Suzi Ledgerwood, Eydie

If anyone would be interested in coming out and "Talking CERT" to an interested crowd, feel free to email me at Many thanks to Jack Suzi and Eydie for your help!

There are other volunteer events coming up too!

On September 22nd Lani Young from CERT 4 is manning the CERT display at the Reston police station open house. THANK YOU LANI!

On September 26th from 10am to 12 noon I'll be manning our CERT display at the "Venture into volunteering" event at Sherwood Hall Library in Alexandria. Senior citizens will have an oppurtunity to learn of various volunteer organizations in the county at this event. This will be a perfect oppurtunity to remind our elders of the need to prepare.

September 29th has our CERT display at the county government center for the "Fall for Fairfax" event. I could use some more volunteers for this event; it's going to be a big event and a super oppurtunity to "talk CERT".

October 6th is Alexandria CERT's final exercise at Ben Brennan Park from 8am to 1pm. They have asked us to be victims for their exercise, if your'e interested email me. Let's help our fellow CERT's ! The following CERT's have volunteered so far for this event:
Kevin Mullins
E.C. Buckminster
Andrew Levy
and me....

October 13th and 14th is the date for the "disaster drill" Boy Scout camporee being held at the Fairfax County fire academy. We need 15 or so CERT's for Saturday; we need 6 to 8 "subject matter experts" (it's a golden oppurtunity to teach what you've learned in CERT to others!) and need the rest of the folks to help with logistics, moulage and control staff. For those who did the Spring camporee, "hop on the blog" and let them know of your experiences...It was a fun and rewarding event.

Charles Monts of CERT 12 is running this event; I'm the one trying to get volunteers up for him. Let me know if you're interested; it will be a memorable event.

October 27th is the date for Fairfax County's Medical Reserve Corps dispensing site drill. This is to be held at George Mason University and MRC is looking for over 500 (!!!) volunteers for this exercise.
This exercise will be used to test plans in place to get needed medicines or vaccinations out to county residents in case of a county wide health emergency. Some of these health emergencies include pandemic flu and bioterror events. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta is sending representatives to view and comment on this exercise as well. This exercise will involve the "quick dispensing" method; IE simulating getting antibiotics out to all 1.1 million Fairfax county residents within a 48 to 72 HOUR timeframe after getting the "go".
If you'd like to come out and volunteer for this event please email me. The Fairfax MRC is one of the most organized MRC units in the US; and this exercise will give you a glimpse into disaster response and mitigation that doesn't involve 2x4's and duct tape...........

These are the events I have so far; again, if you'd like to volunteer and show your CERT "stuff" to others please feel free to email me at .
When I took on this volunteer job as PIO, my goals were to reach out to the community and let them know of the job we do. In addition, to get new CERT team members. All of these volunteer events will show the residents of the county that CERT's "ROCK"!

volunteer PIO

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  1. We really need volunteers for the Boy Scout event. As anyone can tell you, who attended the last time, it was a great time.


    Email over to Volunteer Fairfax and MRC. Get them to ask around for some volunteers for the Boy Scout event in exchange for our volunteers stepping up to volunteer for their big exercise with CDC at George Mason in October. Leverage the rest of the Citizen Corps Council...


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