Monday, August 20, 2007

Knot Tying

One of the elements you can have in your "skills" toolbox is how to tie a number of knots. There are a number of great websites that deal with knots and how to tie them but I want to point out They have separate sections for search/rescue, boating, scouting, etc.

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  1. Although knots are a very small part of our work (I don't think normal CERT response should include knots on which our safety depends), this site presents an good assortment of knots (and rope handling information). A few of them could be very handy in many situations. My recommended knots for daily use, are the overhand, square, granny, clove-hitch, figure-8, bowline, mid-line overhand, & some slip knots. There are many other useful knots there, but I would add one more essential 'knot' to the collection: the 'wrap', for use around trees or posts.
    John Birch -CERT -Mason District, Fairfax Co., Va - CERT Community blog-site


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