Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fort Belvoir exercise directions

The briefing starts at 2pm today. For those attending (the briefing or the exercise), here are directions to the location. Please contact Terry for more information.

From I 95 South take exit 166 towards Fort Belvoir. You'll loop back OVER I 95; and travel approximately 3.5 miles. You will pass an exxon fuel tank farm on your right about a half mile down; you'll see businesses on your left.Keep going until the road dead ends. You will dead end into Route one; turn left (or north )onto Route 1. You will go approximately 1/2 mile to the next red light (there will be a Hess gas station on the left side of the road). TURN RIGHT; this is the Tulley Gate entrance to fort Belvoir.

Travel approximately 3/4 mile to the "visitor center"; pull into the RIGHT lane and PARK at the visitor center. You'll need to stop here to get a pass, unless you already have a base/post sticker or ID card for you or your vehicle TAKE YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE, VEHICLE REGISTRATION AND INSURANCE CARD INSIDE WITH YOU.A PASS WILL NOT BE ISSUED IF THESE ITEMS ARE NOT PRESENT..... When you go inside tell the nice people that you are there for the force protection exercise and you need to get a pass to go to 9820 Flagler road. They will write/type one out for you. Please place this on the drivers side of the windshield and make sure it's visible.
You'll pull out of the parking lot into a huge area covered by an "awning", where the nice MP will ask you to open all the doors ,hood and trunk of the vehicle. This is a standard security check and you should only have to go through it once. They will walk around the vehicle looking for contraband. In light of the nature of this force protection exercise the security level, or "THREATCON" may be increased at this gate. To us this means they may do a more thorough check of your vehicle.
Once this is done, you'll be waved through onto the post. As an old military sales rep I'll give you a good piece of advice-religiously OBEY the speed limits on post and the speed limit when passing groups of troops marching/running/sweating on side of the road is 10 miles per hour. Don't ever speed in a military housing area.Heed the speed limits. When the speed limit says 25 miles and hour; it does not mean 26 miles per hour............

Once through the checkpoint you'll drive approximately 3/4 mile to the first red light. Turn RIGHT onto GUNSTON road.You'll go down another 3/4 mile to 18th Street. TURN LEFT.

Once you're on 18th street you'll go down a mile or so to FLAGLER ROAD.
TURN RIGHT , look for 9820 and park in this area. (Note to each of you-this area is typically very congested and parking can be at a premium.) If you can't find parking on Flagler road you can go to Kuhn st; which is the next street over from Flagler.

You're looking for conference room 010 at 9820 flagler road; the conference room is in the basement. As always if you have ANY questions please feel free to email me at pio@fairfaxcountycert.org. Thanks for participating in this exercise; this exercise was written up in the Fort Belvoir Eagle last week (the post newspaper) and promises to be a fascinating and truly unique glimpse into disaster response and mitigation at the Federal, state and county levels.
Thanks for your help!
Fairfax County CERT

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