Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fort Belvoir Eagle Response Seeking Volunteers for 28 and 30Aug Force Protection Exercise

Terry is our CERT Point of Contact for this event. You can let him know of your interest or contact the fine folks at Fort Belvoir at the end of this posting. I have no further information on this event. Volunteers for the event can reach Terry via email at with your name, phone number and
email address; and if you are available for both days.

They are seeking 20 volunteer role players for this exercise. [1 hour on Tuesday 28 Aug at 1400 for a briefing. 4 hours on Thursday, 30 Aug]

Role players will be expected to act as victims/patients/family members during this exercise.

(If the role players are not DOD ID card holders, they will need to allow ample time to coordinate entry onto post through Tulley Gate. The entrance is from Richmond Highway at Pohick Road.)

The requirements:
a. On 28 August, 1400 - 1500 hours, Report to building 269 at 9820 Flagler Road, room 010 (Small Conference Room in the basement) for in-briefing. (Additional parking is available behind the building on Kuhn Rd.)

b. On 30 August, 0800 - 1200 hours, Report to the POC at building 269, room 010

Points of contact at Fort Belvoir are: Ms. Pickard at 703-805-4004 or Mr. Garcia at 703-805-4001.

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