Friday, August 17, 2007

FEMA Home Page Redesigned

You can see it at ... ... now they have a cool flashy headline piece on the front (similar to the TSAs site)... I have to assume the rest of the site will follow soon. I think it's a big improvement from the old site (although I will miss having the photo library on the front!)

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  1. Thanks for the post. You're right, the new 'Ready' site is pretty but bulky for folk w/ phone data lines, and it has a lot of the basics for Personal EP, so I'm not sure it was a goal oriented improvement (I think most of us took care of those kits & plans during CERT basic.)
    I found a few extensions for Old, Young, & Pets, which will be good for our developing Community EP.
    I also found a handy NOAA 7-day Weather link, which might be useful.
    John Birch -CERT -Mason District, Fairfax Co., Va - CERT Community blog-site - 703.533.3668
    . see also Fx Co. CERT blog-site by HLP Asso.Inc.


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