Thursday, August 9, 2007

CERT Refresher Class Update

For those who came out, great job! They maneuvered a couple very large pieces of concrete (a slab and a tube) around the academy grounds using the power of simple machines. Steve began the class by reviewing other tools you may have around your home that could be used for extraction. Terry shared his experiences with jacks used in the automotive industry. Soon, teams went to work and coordinated their efforts to move the sizable pieces of concrete in high temperatures and slightly uneven terrain. A great job was done by all!


  1. Cathleen and fellow CERT's,
    It was really a good refresher! I was really happy that everyone worked so well together. Things went so smoothly during that exercise. It was what, 1000 degrees outside Wednesday night? I learned a pretty valuable tip from this exercise,myself.
    Obviously, staying hydrated in that kind of heat is very !!! important. I'd bought a bottle of water to take outside with me and promptly left it in the classroom. DOH !I had all my gear with me, in the middle of moving those pieces of concrete and nothing to drink water out of. Mr. "I think I've got everything I need" forgot to bring something to drink out of.
    So,what CERT's might want to do is purchase a cup (or bring one from home)they could keep in their packs; that way you'll never be without one when you need it.
    The beauty of the CERT program is that you learn something new and important in every single class you attend.
    CERT 14

  2. As we worked up a sweat, lifting, pulling, pushing, bellowing, etc. I also had fun trying to imagine disaster situations in which I would use various techniques. Perhaps rolling a fuel oil tank off a trapped home owner, or wedging a tree away to turn off the gas. At the same time, watching the faces & actions of my team mates as they too, moved as unique contributors to our effort.
    I wonder how, and how well I might direct my own in-experienced neighbors in a real situation. These practices may be fun, but useful in letting us work out many of the kinks before a life or home is at stake.
    JohnB - CERT Community Web-site


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