Thursday, August 9, 2007

Adding In Case of Emergency to your Cell Phone Address book

We have discussed this in class but it bears repeating!

To help first responders contact your next of kin if you are unable to respond due to illness or injury, add ICE (in case of emergency) as a contact to your cell phone. If you have more than one contact, you can add them as either ICE1, ICE2 or with a more descriptive name (ICE-Dad, ICE-Mom). So program your mobile phone today!

There is a plethora of information on this at Wikipedia at

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  1. This is also a good moment in cyberspace-time to mention the FCF&RD 'File of Life' or the AARP 'My Meds. Record' for each household member, which sticks to the fridge, and has 'Emergency Contacts' and other emergency related information that emergency responders might need. They are available free at your local FD. Please stop by, and pick up some for your neighbors too.
    John Birch - CERT Community Web-site

    - AARP : (Engl.=D18358 & Span.=D18396)


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