Friday, June 29, 2007

What's Your Readiness Quotient?

Just how prepared is the entire nation for an emergency like a terrorist attack? And how prepared are you and your family for an emergency in your community, like a power outage, major weather conditions, or a natural disaster?

To find out, the Council for Excellence in Government has developed two important barometers to help individuals and communities actually measure their readiness and preparedness:
The Public Readiness Index measures a set community’s (nation, state, city, etc.) preparedness. It provides a simple and consistent score of how prepared people are in a geographic location.
The RQ Test (Readiness Quotient) is a quick and simple online survey for individuals and families to gauge their own preparedness for an emergency.
You hear it all the time: Get Prepared! Get Ready! But how do you know if you have done all the right things? How do you know that your community has done enough? Click here to see tips and tools to raise your RQ.
Your first step is to learn your personal RQ score. The simple test takes less than one minute to complete. Click here to begin.

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